Help with the Design Your Own Map Builder

If you'd like some help with the map builder, you can email Aaron on and he can assist you.

We're working on a how-to video at the moment which will show you how to use the tool we created and how to get around any problems you might come across with GPX data or Strava connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I add a long title?

We only allow 45 characters as a maximum title length, we feel that this keeps your artwork looking aesthetically pleasing.

Why isn't the elevation profile isn't showing?

This could be because the GPX file you have uploaded doesn't contain this information. If you can't get a file with elevation profile, don't worry... we think the maps actually look better without the elevation profile!

I can't access my friends/partners Strava account.

You will need to create your own Strava account and follow our instructions on how to download the GPX file from Strava.

I can't see my friends/partners activity.

If your friend has a private account, you'll need to make sure that you click 'request to follow' and that will allow you access to see their activity. 

How do I create a multi-day map or a map showing different trails?

You can upload multiple GPX files or add multiple Strava activities. If you'd like to add a network of trails we recommend using Strava or a Garmin device to ride each trail individually and add them one by one. You can add labels to each trail too.