About us

Aaron and Helen TrailMaps Owners

The TrailMaps Story

The TrailMaps collection boasts over 200 designs, bringing quality prints to the homes of outdoor and mountain biking enthusiasts globally. The brand was founded in 2017 by graphic designer Aaron Tolley, who originally created the TrailMap design as a university project in 2009.

Based in Staffordshire near the Cannock Chase mountain bike trails, Aaron and his wife Helen run TrailMaps as a family business, balancing work with raising their two children. With a background in road cycling and mountain biking, the passionate duo left their previous careers in 2020 to fully invest in the rapidly growing brand.


The Team

Aaron Tolley

With a degree in graphic design, Aaron blended his passion for mountain biking and the outdoors with his creative talent in design. On a day-to-day basis, Aaron is responsible for the design, marketing and tech side of the TrailMaps brand.

Aaron TrailMaps


Helen Tolley

With an esteemed career working with the National Trust, Helen graduated from university with a degree in crafts. As Aaron got busier with TrailMaps, Helen came on board to manage suppliers, packaging and orders for the brand. She frames every art print herself making sure each order is up to the highest standards.

Helen TrailMaps

The TrailMaps Community

As passionate as TrailMaps is about their quality and service, the team is equally invested in nurturing the artist and rider community. In addition to supporting riders such as Lewis Brown and Elliot Machin, TrailMaps has developed a loyal legion of friends and riders who can often be found riding trails and filming edits for the TrailMaps YouTube channel.

A key collection within the TrailMaps range is the Artist Series. The idea behind the series is to help support photographers and artists, providing a platform to showcase their work while enabling them to earn from their creations. All artists receive 50% of the total sale cost, while TrailMaps covers the printing, postage and packaging. This means the artist can continue working their day job or invest more time into creating new pieces.