Lewis Brown TrailMaps British Downhill Winner

Lewis Brown Wins Expert British Downhill Championships

TrailMaps rider Lewis Brown wins the British Downhill series. 

After a few complications and a harshly debated disqualification from one of the rounds regarding time keeping, Lewis has proved he is the number one expert downhill racer in the UK at the young age of only 18. 

Living in the Tweed Valley in Innerleithen and studying at B.A.S.E (The Borders Academy of Sporting Excellence) Lewis gets to ride his bike on some of the best downhill trails in the World on a daily basis. Soon to be a qualified mountain guide, first aider, personal trainer, and sports phycologist; his success will set him up for a future in the sport. Whether it's racing bikes or planning rides. 

The final round of the British Downhill Series took place at Antur Stiniog where Lewis positioned himself in a safe 2nd behind James Hughes to take the leaders position in the overall. 

You can watch Lewis's All the Ones video here.

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