Sammlung: Stop Trapping Our Trails

Raising awareness of dangerous traps on mountain bike trails.

A recent surge in bike sales due to a certain pandemic has caused increased violation of public mountain bike trails. We have reports of wires tensioned between trees at head height, tree roots featuring upright nails and broken glass along trails.

Mountain bikers often enjoy the great outdoors with the younger members of their family and trail dogs. This isn’t an effort to disrupt your “personal best” on a segment to reach “King of the Mountain”, this is a threat to life towards you and your family.

“How are you going to stop this” I hear you ask? Well, we can’t do it alone nor are we going to put an end to this overnight. What we can do is come together as a community. Through the power of social media we have teamed up with Primeval Illustration to create a central hub to raise awareness of the dangers. We encourage the mountain bike community to join our pages on Facebook and Instagram and share any experience of trail trapping by tagging us and using the hashtag #stoptrappingourtrails. We can then publish these threats for all to see, report the dangers to the relevant authorities to see they are removed and ultimately let the creators of these traps know that their efforts to seriously harm cyclists is absolutely unacceptable.

We're also giving a share of the proceeds to support Trash Free Trails, a community focussed, non profit organisation for all riders to take action to reduce plastic pollution on our trails and other wild places.

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